Premier: The Diary of Anne Frank / The Sculptor

2020. Jan 03.

The history of Anne Frank must be a determining reading experience of many. The Jewish girl hiding with her family in Amsterdam from the German occupiers began to write a diary on 1st June, 1942 at the age of 13, she planned to write a book based on her notes on the war, truly depicting the years of the German occupation in Netherlands in it. The book was never completed, Anne Frank died shortly before her 16th birthday in the hell of the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen. Her diary is eternal, making a very moving read addressing anyone wanting to have a deeper understanding of what happened to the families hiding in Hitler?s danger era. A memento on that the freedom is not always obvious. The play having had multiple adaptations can now be seen in a single-person opera treatment of Grigori Frid by the spectators of the Budapest Operetta Theatre.  The play was directed by Zoltán Rátóti, Dalma Süle can be seen in the leading role. The conductor is Gyula Pfeiffer.

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The performance takes place in the Storage theatre of the Budapest Operetta Theatre which is really a special playing area, not only because of its intimate atmosphere and characteristics but also provides space for real theatre curiosities from time to time. As we could learn from director Zoltán Rátóti, even the scenery will be really special: simple yet versatile, the use of which will have the power of surprise to the audience. The orchestra will comprise an important part of the play, the members of which will have place on the stage. We will reveal no more for now, however, we disclose the photos made at the reading rehearsal of the performance, from which more can be seen clicking here.

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In the second part of the two-part evening, The Sculptor can be seen. This is the one-act dance play of a contemporary composer László Dubrovay, Meritorious Artist awarded with the Artist of the Nation award, with Kossuth-prize and Ferenc Erkel Prize, inspired by the writing of József Gáli. The director-choreographer of the play is Balázs Vincze who is a ballet artist with Gyula Harangozó, Zoltán Imre and László Seregi Prize, choreographer, artist manager of the Pécs Ballet awarded with Hungarian Golden Cross of Merit.

Though it is enriched by classic elements, it is a modern ballet, it will be really a performance of "today". The protagonist of the story is the Sculptor who cannot recover from his creative crisis ? he would seek new style, new challenges but unable to overcome his old self. However, he suddenly finds a muse who inspires him and from that on he will be able to create again... In the conceptional focus of the play, therefore the creation, the crisis, the demolition of the old, the inspiration, the rebirth and, of course, the love: all the things which are present without exception in everyone?s live.

Premier: The Diary of Anne Frank / The Sculptor - 2

László Dobrovay, the composer awarded with the title of Artist of the Nation, Kossuth and Ferenc Erkel Prize, the composer of The Sculptor, revealed what may expect musically who buys the ticket for the performance: wonderful tone fantasy with beautiful harmonies, percussive instruments. It is the continuation of the Bartók?s Dance Plays, only presented by more modern means. The performance is a quality all-stars production which offers a special theatrical experience.

The Diary of Anne Frank / The Sculptor makes its debut at the Storage Theatre of the Budapest Operetta Theatre on 15th February, 2020. To purchase tickets, click here.

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