Premier: 2008. Mar 27. Duration: 185 minutes Number of acts: 2


Tibor Kocsák – Szilárd Somogyi – Tibor Miklós

In the summer of 2004, composer Szemenyei János and director Somogyi Szilárd turned Masquerade, the novel ofacclaimed Hungarian novelist Szabó Magda, into a real musical curiosity. The author attended the premier, and was very happy to see that her beloved book could shine in the form of a musical.


Many have asked her for permission to write a musical from her novel Abigail, and finally it was Somogyi Szilárd and the creative crew of the Budapest Operetta Theatre who was given that honour. The stars of the Operetta Theatre could help a legend come to life, thereby bringing this gem of Hungarian literature on stage to glitter in a new genre.


The musical takes a new approach to this heart-warming story full of laughter and tears. It chronicles a crucial period in history, World War Two, and a crucial period in the life of Gina, a schoolgirl who suddenly has to shoulder immense responsibilities. The novel is full of twists and turns and is therefore ideal for a stage adaptation like no one’s ever seen!


Rights held by Pentaton Artist and Concert Management. Special thanks to Tasi Géza.

The show is displayed with English language surtitles. 





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Premier: 2008. Mar 27.
Duration: 185 minutes
Number of acts: 2


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