Genre: Operett Premier: 2019. Nov 22. Duration: 155 minutes Number of acts: 2

John the Valiant

Pongrác Kacsóh

The musical play is based on Sándor Petőfi’s prose poem of the same title. Even its authors were surprised by the resounding success of its 1904 premiere performance in the King’s Theatre (Király Színház). Now the stage was buzzing with the plot, now it was exuding heartfelt merriment; the audience was amused, there was laughter; then Bagó’s touchingly beautiful song moved spectators close to tears. At the end of the song they demanded an encore, but the repeat had to be delayed as Mihály Papp, the actor playing Bagó, also had tears rolling down his cheeks. The moving love story of Jancsi Kukorica and Iluska is a musical play rich in Hungarian folk tale motives closely following the original poetic work. The play, a recurrent success on the Hungarian as well as international stages, will, after forty years, now be seen again in the Operetta Theatre.

2023. April 06. Thursday, 17:00 Main stage
Season ticket: Honthy Hanna/3

John the Valiant / 2023. April 06. 17:00 / Main stage

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Genre: Operett
app.evad: 2022/2023
Premier: 2019. Nov 22.
Duration: 155 minutes
Number of acts: 2


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