Genre: Musical Premier: 2021. Sep 24. Duration: 160 minutes Number of acts: 2


Federico Fellini's Oscar-winning masterpiece 8 and 1/2 is the first directorial self-confession in filmhistory, a brilliant and innovative oeuvre, that has had a big impact on other artists so far. As usual, the theme appeared on the musical stages in the early 1980s, with the adaptation of Mario Fratti, a libretto written by Arthur Kopit with lyrics and music composed by Maury Yeston. The musical was titled Nine. The play was performed on smaller country stages for six months after its completion, until it finally arrived to New York, on the Broadway on 9 May, 1982, where it became a big success not only for the public, but also for critics: Nine was awarded 12 Tony Awards, including best musical, best original music and script, and best costume design. The performance has been performed there 729 times over the years, and in the meantime, it has embarked on an international journey of conquest: it has been staged throughout the United States, then in South America, London and in several countries of Europe. The musical's music draws from a wide variety of genres, creating a truly colourful, immersive soundscape, and several real hits are performed in the play.

Please be informed that due to the special design of the performance, the English text of the translation has limited view from the upstairs auditorium. Please note this when you purchasing tickets! 

2024. May 31. Friday, 18:00 Main stage
Season ticket: Feleki Kamill/3

Nine / 2024. May 31. 18:00 / Main stage


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Genre: Musical
: 2023/2024
Premier: 2021. Sep 24.
Duration: 160 minutes
Number of acts: 2


May 31. 18:00 Main stage
Jun 01. 19:00 Main stage
Jun 02. 19:00 Main stage
Jun 03. 17:00 Main stage

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