Premier: 2017. May 09. Duration: 110 minutes Number of acts: 2

Poor Man Johnny and Princess Arnica

Ervin Lázár - Péter Závada - Edina Mókus Szirtes

Our play is based on Ervin Lázár’s fable about a couple in love who set out on a journey. This adaptation for an all-age audience benefits from uniquely heart-warming world music melodies by Edina Mókus Szirtes and mischievous slam poetry lyrics brought to us by Péter Závada. We find out where the Seven Headed Fairy lives and whether those cursed by the Hundred-Faced Witch may ever meet again. And we may rest assured from the lessons of King Duck and the Princess Duck’s story that selfless love can make miracles. Having debutedas an exam play by Zita Szentenczki in the puppet director track of the University of Theatre and Film Arts, this performance showcases many special techniques unique to the puppet world from classic glove puppets to giant masks. Petra Gubik, Dénes Kocsis, Papadimitriu Athina as well as Ádám Ottlik and Balázs Angler make an appearance in this exclusive production.

2023. May 31. Wednesday, 11:00 Studio Theatre

Poor Man Johnny and Princess Arnica / 2023. May 31. 11:00 / Studio Theatre

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: 2022/2023
Premier: 2017. May 09.
Duration: 110 minutes
Number of acts: 2


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