Premier: 2023. Jun 07. Number of acts: 2

Sylva (Die Csardasfürstin)

Imre Kálmán

Imre Kalman: Sylva (Die Csardasfürstin)

The play was on stage several times by the Kaunas State Musical Theater since 1946.

Great music, witty intrigues, a charming story... the love of the audience encouraged the theater to return to this operetta for the fifth time in 2019.

The director Rita Bunikytė changed the time of the events so it takes place in a Showcase Theatre and it became the key to the stage solution of "Silva": the action takes place in the variety show in the early 20th century.
According to the director, the production is filled with visible and invisible heroes, who are looking for love in the dynamic life of 1935". 

The costumes also represent its time designed by K. Daujotaitė. 

The theme of love is always relevant, because it is a feeling that a person can experiences at any age, at any place. It is one of the most important conditions of our existence. Love is independent of epoch. There are no rules about how, when and what to love.

'Silva' is a very well-known operetta, which has been staged several times at the Kaunas State Musical Theater. Our audience already knows what is about and what to expect. In this 'Silva' production our goal was to tell the story of Silva in new way and to give the audience some unexpected moments. After all, even when we read the same books, we see them in different ways. It is a complex of our life experiences that unfolds through visualization. In this production our aim was more vividly reveal the life environment of the main characters. All these circumstances – what we do, who we communicate with, where we live - also creates us. While inviting you to take a look at the life of the operetta heroes, we also offer to get acquainted with their society. New characters, new little stories will be born here. Each shot (as in life) will not be one-dimensional. In the center – a couple in love, behind them – an old man reading newspaper, and in the distance - dozens of people running to work. It all depends on our point of concentration. Such is our 'Silva' - full of visible and invisible heroes, striving to find love in the dynamic life of 1935.


  • Sylvia Varescu – Marija Arutiunova
  • Edwin Valerheim – Andrius Apšega
  • Count Boni – Martynas Beinaris
  • Countess Stasi – Ingrida Kažemėkaitė
  • Feri von Kerekes – Raimondas Baranauskas
  • Miks – Žanas Voronovas
  • Anhilte Valerheim – Rita Preikšaitė
  • Leopold Valerheim – Gediminas Maciulevičius
  • Violeta Eggemberg – Laima Kuzmickaitė
  • Wilhelm Eggemberg – Dainius Bervingis
  • Rohnsdorff – Žygimantas Galinis
  • Notary – Martynas Stankevičius

Sylva (Die Csardasfürstin)

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Premier: 2023. Jun 07.
Number of acts: 2


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