Duration: 155 minutes Number of acts: 2

The Beauty and the Beast

Alan Menken

Beauty and the Beast is one of Walt Disney’s best loved and most enchanting fairy tales which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture and received five Grammy awards. The musical version for family audiences based on the film has been conquering the world for over twenty-five years. Ever since its premiere in 2005, the Budapest Operetta Theatre’s production has enjoyed unbroken popularity in Hungary and thanks to the German language tour in cooperation with the German BB Promotion company, audiences in several European countries have enjoyed our performances through the past eight years.

The staging of Beauty and the Beast has been made possible by an agreement between Music Theatre International and Hartai Music Agency in co-production with Pentaton Artist and Concert Management.

2023. October 07. Saturday, 19:00 Main stage

The Beauty and the Beast / 2023. October 07. 19:00 / Main stage


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: 2023/2024
Duration: 155 minutes
Number of acts: 2


Oct 05. 19:00 Main stage
Oct 06. 14:30 Main stage
Oct 06. 19:00 Main stage
Oct 07. 14:30 Main stage
Oct 07. 19:00 Main stage
Oct 08. 14:30 Main stage
Oct 08. 19:00 Main stage
Dec 12. 18:00 Main stage
Dec 13. 18:00 Main stage
Dec 14. 14:30 Main stage
Dec 14. 19:00 Main stage
Dec 15. 14:30 Main stage
Dec 15. 19:00 Main stage
Dec 16. 14:30 Main stage
Dec 16. 19:00 Main stage
Dec 17. 11:00 Main stage
Dec 17. 15:00 Main stage

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