Genre: Operett Premier: 2021. Oct 22. Duration: 170 minutes Number of acts: 2

The Land of Smiles

Ferenc Lehár

The Land of Smiles is one ofthe most celebrated compositions  of Ferenc Lehár; it is the summary of his life work and considered by the composer himself to be his greatest achievement . The three part operetta composed with characteristics of an opera was premiered in 1929. The music was inspired by Far Eastern motifs which were so fashionable at that time. The libretto tells us the love story of Lisa, the daughter of an aristocratic Viennese General and the Chinese Crown Prince, Sou Chong. Although the operetta it is not lacking in the humour and twists of fate  usually characterised by the these pieces, there is also a bitter irony at its heart – The Landof Smiles is in fact a Vale of Tears and optimism and love turn to hate and disillusion. It is the first operetta ever written without a happy ending.

The Land of Smiles can be seen again in Budapest Operetta Theater set on stage and by internationally renowned director Stephen Medcalf.

2024. May 04. Saturday, 19:00 Main stage

The Land of Smiles / 2024. May 04. 19:00 / Main stage


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Genre: Operett
: 2023/2024
Premier: 2021. Oct 22.
Duration: 170 minutes
Number of acts: 2


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