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The Foam of Songs - Boris Vian Revue

2020. márc. 24.

 The Foam of Songs - Boris Vian Revue 

A unusual press conference was held in a real French atmosphere by the Budapest Operetta Theatre at the Café Vian on 4th February.

The presented short film clip shows Boris Vian, the genius passed away early but created much more, looking over to the Moulin Rouge from the window of his flat in Paris ? just as he would at the Kálmán Imre Theatre where, nearing the 100th anniversary of his birth, the feverish preparations for The Foam of Songs are in progress. Before the film clip, the song Complainte du Progr?s was performed by Tamás Földes, Attila Pálfalvy, Dénes Kocsis and Dávid Péter Cseh. This was followed by the song Fais-Moi Mal Johnny which was sung by Anna Györgyi, Mara Kékkovács, Petra Gubik and Flóra Széles, and Adrián Kovács accompanied on piano. The translations were made by József Takács M. and Judit Ágnes Kiss.

The guests were greeted first by Atilla Kiss-B. Director-General. ?In front of you, a feeling was born which we would like to present with our performance: the Vian-feeling. Thus we pay our respect for the author born 100 years ago and who is the brightest star of the 20th century. When the director, Csaba Kiss came to me with the idea of wanting to present 11 chansons from among the more than 500 songs of Boris Vian, I thought that this performance would fit perfectly into the Kálmán Imre Theatre which is a theatre area with special characteristics. This place has spirit in it! So we trust that the production titled The Foam of Songs will just as popular to our audience as was the dinner show Rendezvous in Paris which was presented in last autumn.?

The event was paid respect also by Frédéric Rauser, the director of the Institut Français.

Csaba Kiss, the artist with Mari Jászai and Attila József Award also spoke, it turned out that he read Boris Vian?s perhaps most widely known book, the Foam of the Days at the age of ten and was carried away by it. In the revue The Foam of Songs, 11 Boris Vian chansons will be heard ? first time in Hungarian, performed by excellent poets and literary translators.

At the end of the event, Müller Péter Sziámi poet and singer ? one of the translators of the chansons ? talked about the song Le déserteur which was played after it. As the conclusion of the ensemble, the director Csaba Kiss?s production, the clip of the song Mozart Avec Nous was screened for the first time, then the Budapest Operetta Theatre had parted everyone with a splendid Vian cocktail. 

Video clip of the song Mozart Avec Nous (Boris Vian)

Werkfilm made on the making of the clip

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