Premier: 2022. Apr 01. Duration: 180 minutes Number of acts: 2

Jekyll and Hyde

London, 19th century. The medic Dr. Jekyll is obsessively researching to empirically prove his theory - the only thing missing is an experiment on humans. The question is elementary: Can the evil in man be eliminated by medication? Success could bring world peace. Nevertheless, the relevant authorities reject his request out of concerns; people interpret his enthusiasm as madness. Jekyll refuses to be stopped and ultimately decides to carry out the experiment on himself. The consequences are unimagined....

One of the most successful musicals with many great songsand captivating theme. A cast of Hungary’s most well-known musical actors,  spectacular sets and costumes guarantee for a once-in-a-lifetime musical experience!




Jekyll and Hyde

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Premier: 2022. Apr 01.
Duration: 180 minutes
Number of acts: 2


Today 19:00 Main stage
Tomorrow 19:00 Main stage
The day after tomorrow 15:00 Main stage
The day after tomorrow 19:00 Main stage
Mar 26. 15:00 Main stage
Mar 26. 19:00 Main stage
Mar 27. 19:00 Main stage
Jun 13. 19:00 Main stage
Jun 14. 19:00 Main stage
Jun 15. 19:00 Main stage
Jun 16. 19:00 Main stage
Jun 17. 19:00 Main stage
Jun 18. 15:00 Main stage

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