Presentation: 2023. Jun 10. Number of acts: 2

Princesse Czardas- Francia Társulat - Theatre Olympics

Imre Kálmán

'Nothing is true, nothing is false; everything is a dream and a lie, Illusion of the heart that a vain hope prolongs. Our only truths, men, are our pains. That flash in our eyes that we call life, Barely shines a moment to our dazzled soul, Let it go out and light up somewhere else!' Alphonse de Lamartine.

On the captivating music of Kalman which overwhelms us to the depths of our soul, a game of dupes is created, arranged marriages, small affairs between friends. A story that is still just as current but which, being on the eve of a great world conflict, finds itself in a vital urgency, that of loving at all costs, of defending one's convictions, feelings and values, without knowing what will happen tomorrow!
Superficiality of being to the sound of czardas tinged with a hope without horizon…


Sylva Maresco - Erminie Blondel
Stázi grófnő - Eve Coquart
Liebensdorf hercegnő - Estelle Danvers
Liebensdorf herceg - Antonel Boldan
Boni gróf: Philippe Do
Ritter Ferenc - Philippe Ermelier
Léopold-Marie herceg - Jean-François Vinciguerra
Rohndorf ezredes - Yvan Rebeyrol
2022 Aix-les-Bains OperettaFestival - Staging Frederique Varda 

Princesse Czardas- Francia Társulat - Theatre Olympics

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Presentation: 2023. Jun 10.
Number of acts: 2

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